Reinforcing steel bars and welded iron mesh

Rebar sizes & grades

D.C. Demetriades Ltd is one of the leading importers of reinforcing steel bars, wire rods and electro welded mesh in our country. We have supplied with steel some of the most important projects in Cyprus. We can deliver on time, with our fleet of trucks, equipped with special hydraulic mechanisms for unloading purposes.

Already in Europe, the reinforcement bars were made of soft steel with a ductility limit of about 250 N / mm2. Modern reinforcements consist of high strength steel, usually around 500 N / mm2. The reinforcing bars are classified in different categories depending on the degree of steel ductility. The smaller the steel is, the better able it is to absorb energy when deformed. This property is taken into account in the design of earthquake resistant structures.

Diameter Kg/Lm (Linear Meter)
6mm 0.222
8mm 0.395
10mm 0.617
12mm 0.888
14mm 1.208
16mm 1.578
18mm 2.000
20mm 2.466
22mm 2.984
24mm 3.551
25mm 3.853
26mm 4.168
28mm 4.834
32mm 6.313


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