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You come up with the idea, D.C. Demetriades Ltd with the materials and tools!

D.C. Demetriades Ltd with its new DIY service, opens new horizons to amateurs and professionals as regards to their wooden constructions.

You have in mind the perfect doghouse, the perfect wooden bench for your garden or desk and drawers for the bedroom of your child, tailored measured to your aesthetics and needs? All you have to do is simply follow the 4 steps below .

Step 1

You have the idea, now you have to decide how you want and how your wooden construction must be (dimensions , design, wood type , etc. )

Step 2

Visit our facilities at the Dali Industrial area , where you can see and examine the materials to finally decide which ones you want.

* Do not forget to bring your construction plans .

Step 3

We will prepare the materials of your choice, by measuring and cutting them for you .

Step 4

You simply assemble them!!!

For more information visit our showroom or our warehouse in Dali.