Other Names

Palissandre du Gongo, Dikela(Zaire)


Mainly found in Zaire but an associated species, M. Stuhlmanii occurs in East Africa. It is known as Panga Panga and its general appearance and characteristics closely resemble Wenge.

The Tree

Medium sized tree, 15m to 18m in height with a diameter up to 1m.

The Timber

Sapwood whitish, heartwood dark brown with fine, closes blackish veining giving the wood a handsome appearance. A very hard and heavy wood, it weighs about 880kg/m3 when dried (Panga Panga is slightly lighter in weight at 800 kg/m3).Straight grained, it has a rather coarse texture.


Dries slowly and requires care if surface checking is to be avoided.


The wood is stated to have good resistance to bending and to shock.



Working Qualities

Reported to be easy to work, but difficult to polish.


Like Panga Panga it is probably best suited to flooring, although the appearance is rather dark. Wenge produces good, decorative veneer suitable for furniture and interior decoration.