D.C. Demetriades Ltd is among the largest importers of timber products in Cyprus. In its covered warehouses you may find all kinds of timber, stored in ideal conditions, to meet your needs. The company additionally provides planning and cutting services.


D.C. Demetriades Ltd is one of the leading importers of reinforcing steel bars, wire rods and electro welded mesh in our country. We have supplied with steel some of the most important projects in Cyprus. We can deliver on time, with our fleet of trucks, equipped with special hydraulic mechanisms for unloading purposes.

Wooden Flooring

From solid to engineered wood. Wooden floorings add warmth and atmosphere to any home. It is timeless, durable, long-lasting and like all-natural materials, will only improve with age. Every wooden floor is unique due to the character of the living material it is made from and just like every home is a unique reflection of the personality of its owner.

For us, wood means atmosphere, warmth, craftsmanship, timelessness and…

Laminate & Vinyl

Above floorings offer unlimited potential on a limited budget. Both are perfect for both residential and commercial applications and they have grown to become one of the most popular materials for home and office flooring in recent years.

They are the perfect choice for a resilient, hard wearing, natural looking flooring material and they are ideal for use in private homes, offices, shops or boutiques.

Ceramic Tiles

Specialist in ceramic excellence...D.C. Demetriades imports premium porcelain and wall tiles for every style and application in residential, commercial, and public architecture, making it possible to offer designers and end users the best solution for each application.

Sanitary Ware

D.C. Demetriades Ltd offers unique products, new ideas and solutions from the highest quality brands of sanitary ware.



Facades comprise solutions for different applications and architectural typologies.

PARKLEX facade panels emphasize the natural beauty found in real wood and they are produced in different species. These panels are made to withstand the most demanding weather and environmental abuse.

FUNDERMAX facade panels give your building character…

Roof Tiles

Our company’s extensive range of products include Portuguese, Marsigliese, bent and flat roof tiles, all imported from the most established European suppliers.

Glass Blocks

Seves Glassblock is the world leading manufacturer of glass blocks for interior design and architecture applications. The success of Seves is the result of a clear objective to transform glass blocks into architectural and artistic elements, liberating their potential and providing architects, designers and interior designers with the new element to use in the creation of high level, formal aesthetic creations.